Adventure Sail Cruises

Looking for something different – want to come along without doing much of the planning…..? Then Adventure Cruises or Mile Builders are for you. The programme for 2020 contains a number of extended cruises from both inside and outside the Bristol Channel.

If you can get a group of 2 or more persons interested in a cruise then we can use social media to try and find more crew to coincide with your time availability.

All cruises include your berth on board, (if 2 book together there is usually some discount) AND if you wish you can reserve one of the 3 cabins. It also includes all meals on board and marina fees. The main EXCEPTION is meals and drink ashore – if we have sailed all day and arrived in a marina then we will usually eat our evening meal in a pub or other establishment. The cost of the cruise can be found on the information within the google calendar below.

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