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Master Exam Coaching

A Modular Course has been developed that is targeted at those already working or wishing to work as a commercial skipper aboard motor or sailing vessels less than 24m and 200 tonnes GWT. The ideal student is one that has considerable practical experience that when combined with focused training and coaching gives them competence and confidence to undergo the examination. The learning has been developed by Peter Pope and has been refined with working with over 10 candidates (All Successful!) over the past 18 months.

The coaching has a focus on time and economic effectiveness when set against other training routes. This applies to the student (who maybe paying their own way) or the organisation who picks up the bill and has to cover their time away from operations. There will be an absolute maximum of 3 students, it works best with 2, and for a supplement can be made for one student.

Module 1 – Theory and key concepts (2 Days) can be taken with a minimum of time and experience following the award of a RYA Day Skipper, ICC Assessment or Level 2 Powerboat Course. This is the theory element for learning key meteorological, collision regulations and navigation concepts using the Bristol Channel setting to practice processes that will be used whilst undergoing the exam. A learning and reference pack applicable to the Bristol Channel is included.

Day 1 Introduction to learning package and templates, meteorology, collision regulations review, tides – secondary ports and tidal rate computation, using paper and apps. Magnetic variation and deviation, establishing position and course to steer, allowance for leeway, time zones, using text based GPS and paper charts

Day 2 Pilotage and passage planning, using navigation apps, and GNSS plotters – Supervised Cruise Plan Exercise – Preparation required for practical element days to follow – Review and exercises on safety briefing, routine checks, and navigating in restricted visibility, MOB & search patterns

Cost £225.00 per student. (1 Student is +50%)

RYA Coastal Skipper Theory Course Students can book a 1:1 study day with the instructor – the cost includes the learning pack. £125.00 per student. (1 Student is +50%)

Module 2 – Practical Skills Development (2 Days) A student having gained the necessary logged miles required for the MCA/RYA Yachtmaster Exam can then take navigation and seamanship put into practice utilising key strategies, tactics, and rounding up techniques applied in the real world.

Day 1 Boat & Engine Checks, Safety Brief, Pilotage exercise, 20:20 practice of navigating in restricted visibility (utilise ability to predict current tidal height), XTE ladder navigation exercise, MOB (under sail only as well), anchoring , position navigation exercises.

Day 2 (this can be conducted as an afternoon/evening session) Harbour pilotage exercise, course to steer, and web navigation exercises, radar exercise using VRM, blind navigation exercise, magnetic compass variation exercise, review passage planning task

Cost £250.00 per student. (1 Student is +50%)

The costs for Module 2 are based on a sail yacht setting – for motor yacht, the instructor cost is £200.00 per day and based on another vessel, (and can be shared by the students attending)

Combined Modules (4 Days) – The modules can be split over two time periods at no additional cost.

Cost £450.00 per student. (1 Student is +50%)

Use of X Beat II for the RYA Yachtmaster Sail Exam

If you complete one or both of the modules with us, the yacht charter is £125.00. (1 Student is +50%)

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