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Private Tuition ICC Preparation
Private Tuition Knowledge, Skills, Refresher
Private Tuition Exam Preparation
Private Tuition – Own Boat


The benefits of choosing to progress your Yacht Skills Development through Swansea Yacht Company is that we offer personalised training, facilitated by skilled and experienced trainers, designed to suit you.

We are proud to provide the training YOU want or need and can cater for all ability ranges – right up to preparation for examinations.

It can be delivered by affordable, pay as you go, and unrestricted timed opportunities over day, half-day or evening sessions; giving you ultimate choice and flexibility.

A one-to-one session starting from £149 means you could be taking to the water before you know it. And because it is private tuition, there is no waiting for other students to have a turn!

Waterproofs and safety equipment are covered in the price and, a light lunch is also included in whole day sessions.

Take a look at the schedule on the programme page – any white space can be reserved just for you – even at short notice. Or to discuss your sailing aspirations contact Peter on 07403 151561 and make that dream of sailing off into the sunset become a reality.

Practical Skills Session – 1 to 3 persons
Day £249.00
Half Day or Evening £175.00


Private Tuition – ICC Preparation (& Assessment)

We have attached some information here for you:

ICC Notes & SYCo Tariff 2018

You will find links and some options to review before selecting what is right for you.

Private Tuition – Knowledge, Skills, and Refresher Training

From course to steer including leeway, tidal heights, passage planning and even ocean planning, if you want some 1:1 tuition we can help.

Or if you have just taken a delivery of a new boat (motor or sail) and would like someone to help you through the initial couple of trips, then give us a call.

By booking a skills session, even a half-day, this will allow you time to get back on the water and practice the mooring skills that time has not only allowed you to forget, but also created a confidence gap as well.

Practical Skills Session – 1 to 3 persons
Day £249.00
Half Day or Evening £175.00

Private Tuition – Exam Preparation

We provide skills development sessions focused on the requirements for the exam and your training needs. This means that the time (and money) is efficiently targeted. You are enjoying the best returns and usually 1:1 tuition (we do invite some guests out with us so that you can benefit from having a crew to direct!).

We run a 2 x 2 day modular ‘Advanced Navigation and Seamanship Course’ course which aims to provide you with strategies on areas likely to be tested during the exam including the dreaded ‘blind navigation’ exercise. For a summary contact Peter.

Alternatively we could do daily sessions:

Practical Skills Session – 1 to 3 persons
Day £249.00
Half Day or Evening £175.00


Private Tuition – Own Boat

Our instructors are available from Cardiff or Swansea to help you develop as individual(s) and then collectively as a team to confidently enjoy your own sail yacht, motor yacht or power boat.

Private Tuition – Own Boat
Day £149.00
Half Day or Evening £89.00

We have endeavoured to give you an overview of the courses we offer and their content, however should you have any queries – or require more information about any of the courses – please text or call Peter on 07403 151561 or email him on peter@sa1y.co.uk


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