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The programme of excursions, RYA courses and events planned for the 2019 season can be seen below:

If you are interested in booking an event and the day is not BOOKED – then do not hesitate to ask or text Peter on 07403 151561 or email peter@sa1y.co.uk

The cost for each event is included on the calendar entry or contact Peter – We look forward to you joining us.


To make a booking with Cardiff & Swansea Yachting Company, you can use the Online Individual Booking Form or you can use:

CSYCo – 2019 Individual Booking Form

Please note that our operating terms and conditions follow:

To make a booking email peter@sa1y.co.uk or text Peter on 07403 151561.

Terms & Conditions

When making a booking please read Cardiff & Swansea Yachting Company’s Terms and Conditions:

CSYCo – 2019 Terms & Conditions


Online Individual Booking Form


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I understand that participation in sail yachting has risks and as part of the crew I will undertake orders when practical to do so. I will undertake to keep myself safe at all times including the wearing of a lifejacket, and a safety line (when instructed to do so) when above deck.

Swansea Yacht Company strives to provide the very best service to customers at all times. In the event of any shortfall (the weather is beyond our control!), I undertake to make contact with the skipper directly should there be any cause for complaint to allow for any remedial action to be considered as soon as practical.

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