Your Yacht Services

Your Yacht Services

Cardiff Yachting Company offers services on sail or motor yachts with a growing network of experienced people that can help you on your yacht be it for instruction or coaching, help with maintenance projects, purchase and delivery of your next yacht, or indeed allowing you to concentrate on other matters whilst we manage your yacht on your behalf.

As our associates live throughout the Bristol Channel area it means we can cover Watchet, Portishead, Bristol, Sharpness, Cardiff Bay, Swansea Bay and Milford Haven.

Simply use the booking enquiry form or text Peter 07403 151561 with an outline of what you want. We will endeavour to acknowledge your enquiry directly and respond at your convenience as soon as possible.

Private Tuition – Your Own Yacht – Sail or Motor

Cardiff Yacht Company through our externally accredited instructors offer coaching aboard your own motor or sail yacht, whether it be knowledge, skills and refresher training or more specifically for the International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

Coaching Sessions aboard Your Boat – Tariff

Day                              £185.00           3/4 hours                     £115.00

Transport costs apply outside the Cardiff area and are paid directly to our associate who is delivering the service. This will be set out on the job sheet agreed with you.

Private Tuition – Knowledge, Skills, and Refresher Training

From course to steer including leeway, tidal heights, passage planning and even ocean planning, if you want some 1:1 tuition we can help.

Or if you have just taken a delivery of a new boat (motor or sail) and would like someone to help you through the initial couple of trips, then give us a call or fill in the booking enquiry form.

By booking a skills session, even a half-day, this will allow you time to get back on the water and practice the mooring skills that time has not only allowed you to forget, but also created a confidence gap as well. See above for costs.

Private Tuition – ICC Preparation (& Assessment)

Sail & Motor less than 10m, Motor less than 10m

The ICC or International Certificate of Competence for leisure sail yachts, power boats up to 10 metres and motor yachts more than 10 metres is the minimum requirement for Bareboat Sail Yacht Charter in many holiday locations across the world. In some European countries, unlike the United Kingdom in some yachts you may be required to show proof of competence.

See the attachment for more information –

Private Tuition ICC – Own Powerboat

Private Tuition ICC – Sail on Own Boat

If this course of action is right for you then send a booking enquiry to Peter to get some dates sorted.

If you would like to pay for theory knowledge day you can use this link

ICC Theory Training Day

Mates Rates!

The ‘M’ in Marine can equally stand for ‘Money x 2’, indeed even more in some cases.

Cardiff Yacht Company has a network of experienced associates that can help with some maintenance projects, not all (and we will be honest enough when you enquire whether we can help and in most circumstances recommend alternative specialist help).

Please use the booking enquiry form to make contact.

A work sheet will be drawn up outlining what your requirements are and an estimate of how long it will take.

We charge a minimum of £50.00 for up to 2 hours from arriving at your yacht’s marina and additional hours are charged at £25.00 per hour.

Transport costs apply outside the Cardiff area and are paid directly to our associate who is delivering the service. This will be set out on the job sheet agreed with you.

Yacht Purchase Consultancy

Time, skill and money are rarely found together, and in the world of yachting this is especially true.

For potential Yacht Purchase, Peter draws on his knowledge and experience to offer advice and an objective second opinion on an inspection visit. You could very likely benefit from his input as it could save you serious money in terms of being able to negotiate a better price, or more importantly, making an informed decision should you be better off walking away.

Contact Peter on 07403 151561, email him on or complete the booking enquiry form even if it is short notice.

Yacht Charter Management Package

If you’d rather spend time sailing not maintaining, now you can, through our associate Bristol Channel Yacht Management Company’s (BCYMco) exclusive Yacht Management Package, which offers our prospective clients five clear benefits:

  • Income Potential
  • Freedom to Sail
  • Managed Maintenance
  • Efficient Charters
  • Professional Administration

Income Potential

The BCYMco Yacht Management Package affords you all the enjoyment of owning a yacht, while recovering some of the costs through income from bareboat charter AND overnight accommodation rentals. Yacht ownership is costly and any opportunities to off-set some of the costs, especially the unforeseen type, should be seized with both hands. So, instead of your yacht gaining ever more maintenance time in the marina, you can rest assured that it is ready to safely generate income which can be set against the running costs.

Freedom to Sail

When your yacht joins our charter fleet, it firstly will remain yours and you will be free to enjoy it whenever you want. At the start of the season, you’ll reserve your preferred times and dates, ensuring you get to sail when you want to sail. Thereafter you will receive notification of when your yacht is on charter and have access to software detailing its schedule. That means even at short notice you are free to take advantage of any gaps.

Managed Maintenance

Spend your time Sailing and NOT maintaining is our message. No matter how committed a seafarer you are, keeping your vessel in top seaworthy condition undoubtedly can become a chore, taking the shine off your purchase and pastime. So the third (and some would argue the best) benefit is that we will manage your vessel’s maintenance. The package includes cleaning as part of the deal so it is always ready for your use or a client’s.

When your yacht joins our fleet it will be required to meet standards laid down by the MCA (Marine & Coastguard Agency) – we will coordinate and manage this on your behalf. Our team will undertake as many of the planned and even unforeseen tasks as possible (at extremely competitive rates). Whether for warranty works, or where specialised skills/facilities are required, we will endeavour to source the best deal for you. We will always seek your approval for planned and unplanned maintenance, which will be charged to your yacht’s account.

Efficient Charters

We will market your yacht as available for charter on our website and further afield. We will deal with all the administration of the charter hire and overnight accommodation rentals. We are discerning in our selection process, ensuring that only the right calibre of charterer is given access to your vessel; and that they take care of it while it is in their charge.

What’s more, after every charter (and we mean every charter), we will clean and service the yacht, including when you have used it yourself. Consequently, both you, and our charter clients, will experience the same standards and attention to detail before and after use.

Professional Administration

Purchasing or owning the yacht itself and managing the chartering of the vessel come with their fair share of paperwork; such as surveyor reports and inspections, coding reports, insurances, compliance and safety etc.

You can relax in the knowledge that we will look after all charter management affairs and documentation as an intrinsic part of the BCYMco Yacht Management Package. You will receive regular reports updating you on insurance and berthing costs, maintenance/repairs carried out and, most importantly, all income received.

Next Tack

So whether you are interested in purchasing a new, pre-owned yacht, or whether you already own one and you are considering putting it out to bareboat charter, please contact us to discuss our Yacht Management Package – it offers you a sea of possibilities.

Contact Peter on 07403 151561 or email him on


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